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About Our App

digital CRM has put us in complete control of our leads. It’s easy to track them, share information between teams and follow up in a timely manner. The sales team is also much more efficient, because they know exactly which leads to contact first.

Lead Capture

Automate lead capture from all sources and cut your lead leakage to zero.

Email Integration

Sync your email inbox with LeadSquared to capture all prospect conversations

Lead Qualification

Use lead quality and activity scoring to identify and chase the best leads first.

Lead Distribution

Assign leads to relevant sales people automatically, based on any rules you set.

Sales Tasks

Automatically set tasks for your sales people based on lead actions.

Sales Alerts

Notify salespeople whenever their leads take an important action.

Mobile CRM

Simple mobile CRM to run your entire field sales operations.

Sales Tracking

Track everything - your salespeople, their performance and revenue.

Source Tracking

Identify the lead generation sources working the best for you.

Simple CRM to run Your entire field sales operations

Lead distribution

Reduce response time by assigning leads automatically to salespeople. You can distribute leads by location, the product they are interested in, the source they come from, or any other criteria you define. Simple round robin distribution can be used as well.

Tasks and reminders

Alert sales people and set up tasks for them as soon as their leads take any notable action.

Email integration

Sync your and your team’s email inbox with LeadSquared. The entire email exchange between your team and their prospects gets tracked, so that no query gets lost. Make sure that all marketing and sales communication matches your quality standards.

Sales notifications

Notify salespeople whenever their lead takes an important action, or moves down the sales funnel. This makes sure your team reaches the prospects on time and never misses a closure opportunity.

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